Massage Therapy 오피사이트

Oprunbest spa is a branch of a health care organization providing health therapies at health retreats around the country, geared towards promoting physical and mental fitness, community service, and massages.

The most recommended massage spa in Korea

One of the most recommended massage spas in Korea is A health spa, which is a branch of a large health organization providing health retreats and therapeutic therapies, A health spa, which is a state-of-the-art converted tuberculosis sanatorium, specializing in medical and surgical alternative treatments. It was the first medical spa in Korea and was built near the beach in the 1980s.

According to statistics, A health spa had about 60,000 visitors in 2004. This number only includes those who purchased massage supplies and health guide books, as not all of them visit A health spa. The number of visitors is not as daunting as it may seem, as there are about 3,000 massage customers a day. What’s even more astounding is that the majority of these customers are male.

Most of the customers are men, excluding a few massage specialists, management staff, and pimpsn. It may be quite obvious to an outside observer that A health spa is considered one of the most popular spas in Korea. The spas in question may be exceptions to the general public, as several of them do not cater to female customers. However, enjoying the benefits of a unique spa experience can be accomplished without indulging yourself solely in one or two spa services.

What is massage therapy 오피사이트?

Massage therapy 오피사이트 is the process of using different massage techniques to bring relief to various types of pain. It involves soft tissue massage and holding different body parts in varying positions for various postures. Some of the pain may be caused as a result of accidents or injuries and holding different positions may bring not only relaxation but also reduce pain.

Why is massage therapy 오피사이트 important?

Massage therapy 오피사이트 is important as it brings relief to the patient experiencing pain. It relieves stress and strain from the body. proper massage techniques may be effective in relieving muscle tension, reducing menstrual pain, treating headaches and migraines, relaxing the mind, and boosting self-confidence. Furthermore, the cosmetic aspects of massage therapy may be achieved by making use of different massage techniques such as exfoliation, stimulation, stimulation, and stroking.

What type of massage therapy is it?

There are different types of massage therapy. For example, holding reverse osmosis water in a towel and massaging the affected area is known as reverse osmosis massage. It involves applying pressure in a specific direction in a rhythmic manner to facilitate relaxation and also remove pain from the targeted area. Another type of massage therapy is Swedish massage. It involves gradual increases in pressure to facilitate relaxation in the body. It is used to treat different medical conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, fatigue, and body pain. Moreover, it can also be utilized for maintaining the health and fitness of the body through relaxation; rheumatism and body pain sufferers would be relieved by this. Meanwhile, holding a specific posture and slower movements while massaging the muscle is known as Cyriac massage. It is unique from the other methods in that instead of pressure, it uses a slower, gentle circular motion.

How to 업소후기 Seduce Your partner!

When he comes home from seeing The Hangover Part 5, Stockings are already in hand and he is practically seductively standing there with his hands covered. Simple, elegant, and provocative stockings with nice garters and stockings are all that he invited for tonight.

The moment he enters, he will see mesmerized by the sight of his new silk gown, he will be curious about wearing it and most likely WONDER how he can bring it off like that of which he has only dreamed about! A distinguished member of the court is lined with pretty satin and lace, a stunning bust, and shoes just as pretty as the ladies. But his greatest delight is to hold and kiss the baby doll. He cuddles it close to his chest wearing a shirt of tiny flowers with no bra, and the baby doll is wrapped in the paper.

In another scene, he comes to kiss her but finds she has her skirt covering her vital part. He will not be able to kiss her in this attire and is instead likely to have to settle for intercourse. He wonders what the commanding general would look like covered from head to toe in a skirt of some sort with the same desirability and lacy appeal as the baby doll. In the next scene, they go to a costume store and she tries on a rubber ball. The circumference is just right and the friction of the rubber ball against her clit sends sensations that send feelings of lust and excitement right down her spine.

In a few scenes, he will be in a particular room, having forgotten about the childishly innocent look of delight he first looked at the ball and how hot and sexy he will look in it. He comes to kiss her but finds her swimming in a flowing garment that conceals her from view and he cannot see her expression. The scene is erotic and also very sexy and both of them realize that they have the time of their lives.

He comes to her next, and they retire to the bedroom to spend some time together. All is quiet and peaceful and the clock strikes nine o’clock. The mood is set for very sexy and steamy sex. But now the door opens and they find a young and very beautiful woman standing there with a flower in her hands. She is waiting for him to make his entry and they can’t help but let their hormones get a hold of them.

scene closes with them making love and smelling of alcohol

Lighting – Music

What a great scene for seducing your partner! The lighting should be perfect for setting the mood. Candles work best but any type of lighting will work. You might want to consider using murphypretence-colored lighting such as red for desire and blue for relaxation. This allows the emotions of the scene to overcome any tendencies of the mind to embellish those feelings.

sleeve – tie

Sewing a tie is one of the most common uses for fashion. Make sure that it is done in a way that it can be remarried often. onsharediger or an apron If you can, try using silk or satin at this time. If you can afford it, buy the French maid outfit. The colors, fabrics, and scenes make up the game.

Auction Skills

Start at the kid level

Undress the giver. Start at the top and work your way down into the drawers. This object makes you feel sexy and elegant.

Treat (or denounce) the giver.

Give to the giver and ask for a favor. Be thankful for the tip and learn a new technique.

업소후기 Seduce the listener.

Ask to speak with the giver. Make sure that the giver is the person for whom the quest is being done.


This person is paid to have sex.


This is a dressing to the naughtiest


This person is paid to give sex.

If you are at a formal dinner or event and your partner would like to flirt with you, but you are married and not employed to do that, then you may consider a short dress to get things started. Seduction skillfully applied can lead to a happy ending.

Food Dehydrator – Essentials You Must Know Before Purchasing

Food Dehydrator

Food dehydration or food drying for preserving purposes has been around in one way or another for centuries if not millennia. Until the last hundred years, fresh fruits and vegetables were actually encouraged to become dehydrated to the point of inedible perfection. The definition of a dehydrated food is stated in the dictionary to be the result of cooking or processing, rather than of any chemical or synthetic process.

The next time you go to the supermarket remember what it is you were looking for, and if possible that you are purchasing organically raised products. While they will cost more than non-organics, many of the deeply discounted organics turn out to be far superior in taste and quality to their non-organic counterparts.

As a chef I have had to learn to cook with what is readily available, many of which are processed, refined, or grown using pesticides and genetically modified seeds. We eat processed foods so often that we become immune to their poisons, in turn we become very unhealthy. While they may be clearer in their appearance they are often not as pure as they appear.

The process of dehydrating foods goes back to when man first began preparing meals out of fire. The temps of the fire would cause the meals to dry out and in some cases the fire may have also cooked them as well. The foods would then have been placed into a container such as a pot, where they remained until they were finished cooking.

opulent produce was a great seek after by people during ancient times due to the short supply of some foods and the bumpy travel schedules. People would accept starvation as a death sentence rather than continue traveling for days on end.

With the development of rail systems and wells, foods and spices were more accessible and a greater supply was created for those that continued traveling.

Given the desire for variety and convenience, foods were cooked in large amounts of water, rations of rice and wheat, and pulses such as beans and peas became available to all.

Technological advances allowed more and more food to be cooked outside of the home. Mobile kitchens are common in many parts of the world, and wealthy individuals have even found that cooking is a great way to allow more interaction with their family and friends.

The finer the gourmet the chef, the more attention they tend to get from their clients. Typically the chef is seen as someone who has a few special skills that make them capable of cooking the food required. Many times, it is not just the skills that are needed but the special glasses or cutlery as well.

For example, glassware is important in many types of cooking. Not only should the chef be wearing a set of glasses (which I find to be totally unnecessary), but also the set of cutlery is something that should be maintained. The knife is a very important tool and it should be kept in the correct set. For many chefs, it is a matter of tradition to be sure that the knife is sharpened throughout the day.

Properly sharpened knives are more effective for multipurpose tasks. The proper sharpening takes place long before the cooking starts. The chef will have the best chance of getting the task done right if the knife is sharpened regularly.

If you are using ceramic knives, they should not be exposed to peels or harsh weather conditions. If these are part of your tools, they need to be kept in a cool place like a drawer or tray.

So, don’t throw away that old fashioned knife. Go ahead and replace it with a new one, and don’t be afraid to sharpen it with care.

Music therapy

Seoul Dream Forest's 'Music Therapy'

Seoul City, North Seoul Dream Forest’s ‘Music Therapy’ online performance and offline exhibition

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will present ‘Music Therapy‘ as an online performance.

The Jungbu Park and Greenery Office of Seoul announced that it will release the online performance ‘North Seoul Dream Forest Music Excursion ‘Music Therapy’ on the YouTube channel of ‘Seoul Mountain and Park’ at 7 pm on Thursday, August 3rd. The North Seoul Dream Forest Music Excursion was originally scheduled to be held offline at the North Seoul Dream Forest Park, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, but has been converted to an online event due to the prolonged Corona 19 and will be held for the first time this year.

‘Music Therapy’, which will be held online, will include ▲Ali, a talented singer who captivates the audience with her best singing ability, and ▲Second Moon, a band that captivates the eyes and ears with unique and differentiated stages through work with various genres. ‘ is involved.

In addition, ▲a lyrical video will be released in the background of the Dream Forest in North Seoul with the popera group ‘Phantom’ made up of ▲ Korean traditional music artist Hae-in Lee, soprano Song-i Han, tenor Lee Heon, and bassist Jun-sang Yoo.

On the other hand, an offline exhibition under the theme of ‘Seoul’s Mountain Park, an Invitation to its Daily Life’ is also being held in the area around Iris Garden in the North Seoul Dream Forest Park. This exhibition was prepared with photos recorded by a park photographer working at the Jungbu Park and Greenery Office, which recorded the scenery of the park and the daily life of the precious park filled with citizens.

This exhibition consists of photos of daily life and seasonal scenery of Seoul parks taken from 2016 to 2022 by a park photographer working at the Jungbu Park and Greenery Office.

A total of 125 pieces of ‘Seoul’s Obstetrics Park: An Invitation to Their Daily Life’ are on display until August 6 (Sun), and can be viewed online through Daum Kakao Gallery.

Park ‘Music Therapy’ to enjoy online at home

In a situation where it is difficult to enjoy cultural life, an online park ‘Music Therapy’ performance will be held to comfort the daily life exhausted by Corona 19.

Seoul Jungbu Park and Greenery Office will perform online performances on the YouTube channel of ‘Seoul Obstetrics Park’ YouTube channel on August 3 at 7 pm for citizens suffering from depression due to the prolonged Corona 19 and for candidates who have completed the entrance exam with difficulty. It was announced on the 24th that they would release a picnic ‘Music Therapy’.

The ‘North Seoul Dream Forest Music Picnic’ was originally scheduled to be held as an offline event this spring and fall in the spring and fall of the North Seoul Dream Forest Park, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. In order to provide a meaningful time through video, it was converted to an online event and held for the first time this year.

The North Seoul Dream Forest music excursion ‘Music Therapy’, which will be held online, includes ▲ a talented singer ‘Ali’ who captivates the audience with her best singing ability, and ▲ a unique and differentiated stage through work with various genres, opening the eyes and ears. The captivating band ‘Second Moon’ will participate and provide a stage of comfort and healing to citizens and students.

In addition, a lyrical video will be released in the background of the Dream Forest in North Seoul, which has been dyed in autumn with the popera group ‘Phantom’, which consists of ▲ Korean traditional musician Hae-in Lee, soprano Song-i Han, tenor Lee Heon, and bassist Jun-sang Yoo.

In addition, an offline exhibition is being held under the theme of ‘Seoul’s Mountain Park, an Invitation to its Daily Life’ in the area around Iris Garden in Buk Seoul Dream Forest Park. This exhibition will be prepared with photos recording the daily life of the park filled by the citizens and the scenery of the park, which a park photographer working at the Jungbu Park and Greenery Office could not enjoy properly due to Corona 19.

This exhibition consists of photos of daily life and seasonal scenery of Seoul parks taken from 2016 to the present by a park photographer working at the Jungbu Park and Greenery Office. A total of 125 pieces of ‘Parks in Seoul, Invitation to Their Daily Life’ are on display until August 6, and can be viewed online through Daum Kakao Gallery.

Han Jeong-hoon, head of Seoul’s Jungbu Parks and Greenery Business Center, said, “In a situation where it is not easy to enjoy a cultural life like these days, we are preparing an online performance to comfort the daily life we ​​are tired of from Corona 19.” I hope that the tired and hard hearts of the students will be healed at least a little while watching the stage filled with music.”

therapy yoga

Therapy yoga

Therapy yoga to relieve sciatica

Sciatica is caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve therapy yoga.

This inflammatory reaction is a symptom that can appear anywhere along the path of the sciatic nerve as pain, numbness, or numbness.

-Goes down to the legs and feet through the lower waist and buttocks therapy yoga

Inflammation or compression of the sciatic nerve therapy yoga may occur mainly in the lower back.

[The lumbar disc can compress the root of the sciatic nerve]

or the buttocks [possible to compress the piriformis or gluteal muscles]

The sequence below targets the lower back, buttocks and hamstrings to reduce pain caused by compression of the sciatic nerve.

It is especially effective for practitioners with early sciatica. However, if symptoms are severe or worsening, medical attention is required.

As always, any movements that cause pain, numbness, or numbness should be stopped immediately.

If you find this sequence to be effective, it is also recommended to practice consistently every day.

Also, if comfort and feeling of improvement are poisonous movements, you can repeat only those movements 2-3 times a week.

And those movements actually make an indicator to guess where the cause of sciatica is coming from.

If the piriformis muscle is compressing the sciatica, pulling the knee toward the chest will be helpful. Otherwise, if the problem is the spine due to a problem with the sacroiliac joint, the sacroiliac joint reset motion [Pose 2] will be helpful.

The sciatic nerve mainly appears on one side of the body. The sequence below balances both sides and can increase flexibility, but it is also a pose that compares the mobility and comfort of the healthy side to the goal.

*Preparation: Strap, block, bolster, or 2 blankets

Savasana [Awareness of breathing and posture]

Explore the space of the lower back through the savasana pose and create a focus on breathing.

  • Lie on your back with your arms hanging out to the sides, palms facing the sky.

You can straighten your legs, and if your back is uncomfortable, stand up with both legs.

The feet are some distance away from the tailbone, and the shoulders are farther away from each other.

Breathe here for about 1-2 minutes, recognizing yourself on the floor.

Notice that the back of the head, shoulders, upper back and hips are all on the same side.

If you feel the same way when sitting or standing, it’s great.

Imagine that the crown and tailbone are getting longer as they move away from each other, so that there is space between the vertebrae.

Bring consciousness into the space where the lower back curves. looking at this part

Accept what is expanding and contracting with breathing.

Always recognize that the curve in the waist can come out naturally and feel the breath.

2.push-out/squeeze-in [reset sacroiliac joint]

This movement helps relieve sciatica, which is pressed from the sacroiliac joint due to misalignment.

  • Lie on your back and bend your knees. Keep your legs hip-width apart, bring your heels below your knees, and fasten the straps to the outside of your thighs while keeping them tight.

Press the strap as if pushing it with your thigh. Hold 2-3 breaths.

Take a short break and repeat 10-15 times.

-Place the block between the legs. At this time, if you have a narrow pelvis, put the block narrow according to the width of the pelvis, and if you have a wide pelvis, put the block wide to keep the same distance as the pelvis.

Tighten the block with the inner thigh, hold 2-3 breaths, rest briefly, and repeat 10-15 times.

*Instead of straps and blocks, you can also perform push-out/squeeze-in [fist] with your hands.

  1. Wipering leg

This movement moves the pelvis and buttocks and reduces the tension in the lower back.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent. Exhale and pass both knees to the right

Marsh returns to the center of the breath, and the exhalation passes over the knee to the left, and repeats back and forth like a wiper moving from side to side.

Full body stretch

This motion helps to lengthen the lower back and increase the space between the vertebrae.

Lie on your back and make a bridge movement. Remember not to exaggerate the curve of the lower waist, and raise both arms as high as you can comfortably raise them above your head.

Keep your rib cage on the floor. If it is difficult, you can raise your arms toward the ceiling.

Keeping your rib cage on the floor, straighten your legs and pull your toes.

If you experience pain or discomfort, you can bend your knees.

The fingertips are extended upwards and the heels are stretched downwards and pointing, holding the breath.

Remove the wind from the legs

This movement reduces the pressure on the lower back and slightly flexes the lumbar spine, helping to stretch the buttock muscles.

-Bend your knees and bring your left leg straight to the floor. If it is uncomfortable, you can bend it. At this time, the heel can press the floor and pull the toes. Pull your right knee toward your chest to maintain the breathing rate.

If evacuating the legs doesn’t make the pain worse, bring both knees up and hug them. Repeat 6-8 times on each side.

Leg raise [Nerve glide for sciatic nerve]

This exercise stretches your hamstrings and glutes. It’s also a great way to glide your sciatic nerve.

When the knee is straightened, the entire sciatic nerve is stretched.

*The closer the leg is brought to the head, the stronger the relaxation of the sciatic nerve. However, if the stretch is too strong, you can lower your legs a little further and make them farther from your head or bend your knees. [This method can have the effect of stretching the upper part of the sciatic nerve.]

  • Lie on your back and bring your right knee toward your chest. If your back is uncomfortable, bend your legs and straighten them if that’s okay with you.

Lift your right leg toward the ceiling and press your hand against the back of your thigh. Slowly bring your toes to the ceiling and hold for a few breaths.

This time, create a flex that pulls your toes toward your body. Repeat both movements a few times with breathing.

  • Raise the head little by little for more intense nerve glide [At this time, the spinal nerves are lengthened]

In the same way, point your toes and repeat the flex.

Leg adduction and internal rotation

It not only stretches the hamstrings and glutes, but also helps stretch the piriformis muscle, which traps the sciatic nerve.

Put the strap on your right foot and hold it with your left hand. First, straighten your right leg toward the ceiling and place your thumb on the hip joint fold. Put your weight on your right hand and fix it so that your butt does not rise when your right foot crosses toward your left shoulder. If you prefer, you can internally rotate your legs and big toes.

Leg external rotation

This exercise stretches the hamstrings and helps to externally rotate the hips to perform the lying dove motion underneath.

Hang the strap on your right foot and hold it with your right hand, and press your left hand against the front of your left thigh so that it does not float off the floor.

Swipe your right leg to the right and let your big toe outward to externally rotate your leg.

Bring your legs to the floor as far as your left pelvis does not rise.

Laying Pigeon

This motion can further increase external rotation of the hip joint by bending the knee. So, you may experience more stretch than the above movement. It helps to relax the buttocks and lower back.

At this time, the right ankle gently presses the thigh, and the knee moves away from the body.

Lie down small posture

External rotation of the hip joint in this movement stretches the hip and lower back and stretches the upper sciatic nerve.

  • Cross your right leg over your left leg and grab it with both hands above your knee and pull it toward your chest.

If you don’t feel the stretch, grab your ankle and pull it a little wider apart.

Eagle Twist

The twisting posture with the legs crossed helps stretch the glutes and piriformis muscles.

-If you feel comfortable with your legs crossed on the floor, you can twist them twice up to your ankles.

Comfortable Hooking

This relaxed posture helps the natural and smooth curve of the lumbar spine.

-Put a long blanket or bolster and sit right in front of it.

Lie down naturally with your head and back leaning against you, with your arms wide open to the sides.

Extend his legs as far as they are comfortable.

Allow the bolster to comfortably open your chest and support the curve of your lower back.

After the practice is over, go back to the first movement, savasana, hold for a few minutes, close your eyes, sit still, and breathe.

Observe the progress without effort and without tension in the abdomen, flanks, and lower back while breathing.

Observe if you feel comfortable and feel your spine straighten while sitting.

Feel if the pain has decreased or has become lighter.

2Runbest 런베스트오피 Guide

2Runbest 런베스트오피

2Runbest This is 런베스트오피.

We would like to express our infinite gratitude to our customers who love 런베스트오피.
We, Gangnam 런베스트오피, have created social media and community columns to listen to customers’ requests and advice.
Thank you so much for listening.
In our 2Runbest 런베스트오피, we are going to write about people who are impersonating these days.
We do not promote on the street or create social media and Facebook pages to promote.
Please take note of the advantages and use it with caution.
We have been in the Gangnam area for over 10 years and have met customers and accumulated various know-how and experiences.
From those who need full body care to those who need partial care, we provide meticulous care.
All of our 런베스트오피s are operated by reservation system.
Customers told us that it was difficult because the waiting time was too long during the rush hour.
So decided.
For this reason, the counseling center is also open 24 hours a day, so please contact us whenever you want to use it.
We’ll help you get going fast.
Always happy 2Runbest 런베스트오피.

2Runbest 런베스트오피 User Guide

Our 2Runbest 런베스트오피 is located near Gangnam Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
is located.
All our operations are by reservation system.
As a result, to provide fast service without waiting
It has a purpose.
We are open 24 hours
The counseling center is also open 24 hours a day.
Prices vary depending on the course
Give us a call and we will explain in detail.
We do not engage in solicitation or
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All inquiries are accepted only by phone through the counseling center.
Please visit us whenever you feel tired.
We will do our best to meet you.
2Runbest 런베스트오피 service

pick up
Free pickup is available in Gangnam-gu. Occasionally, we ask for pickup from other areas, but if you contact us by phone, we will help you to use the service as much as possible.

Valet & Parking
We provide parking space and valet service to customers who come by car.
Please feel free to visit us no matter how you come.

Minimize Atmosphere
All our operations are operated by reservation system, so we promise to provide fast service without waiting. Please feel free to visit us at any time and we will do our best to serve you.

rest & sleep
We have prepared a rest room and sleeping room. If you are feeling drowsy after receiving a massage and need sleep or rest, please let us know and we will prepare it for you at any time.

Meals & Drinks
Meals and drinks are provided free of charge. I believe that even eating is true healing. If you tell us at any time, we will prepare it right away.

Manager Consultation
If you tell us the course you want and your detailed physical condition, we will match you with the best managers for that area. Feel the healing with the touch of a professional.
2Runbest 런베스트오피 location

런베스트오피 location

Located near Gangnam Station, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
All operations are by reservation system.
For detailed location, please call
Kindly explain.

May sales volume ‘rich’…43,000 homes sold nationwide

오피스타 분양

National sales volume increased by 16% compared to the same period last year

This month, 43,000 households across the country are preparing to sell.

According to Real Today, a real estate information company, a total of 43,056 apartments (including rental, officetel, and urban living housing) will be sold nationwide in May. This is an increase of 16% from 37,000 households in May last year.

In particular, 7,309 households will be released this month, up 103.7% from the same period last year, due to a significant increase in sales volume in Seoul. Most of them are for reconstruction and redevelopment.

Incheon will have 2,448 households, up 56.6% from the same period last year. On the other hand, 9,367 households will be sold in Gyeonggi Province, down 12.5% from the same period last year. In the case of provinces, 23,932 households are planning to come out, up 12.4% from the same period last year, as the volume of Busan, Daegu, and Chungnam increases.

Samsung C&T will sell “Raemian Daechi Cheongsil” in May, which rebuilt Daechi Cheongsil Apartment in Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The apartment is a large building with four basement floors, 18 to 35 floors above ground, 17 buildings, and 1,608 households with 59 to 151㎡ dedicated to it. Of these, 59,84㎡ 122 households will be sold to the general public. It also includes 40 households. You can use Daechi Station on Subway Line 3, Dogok Station, a transfer station between Line 3 and Bundang Line.

International Trust will release the ” Gongdeok 오피스타” officetel in Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. It is a dedicated 14-24㎡ and consists of 100 rooms. It is located in the center of the station in front of Seoul Station on Subway Line 1, Sookdae Station on Subway Line 4, Gongdeok and Aeogae Station on Line 5, and Hyochang Park on Line 6, and can be used on foot. There are six universities within a 2km radius, including Sookmyung Women’s University, Ewha Womans University, Gyeonggi University, and Yonsei University, so students and professors can expect fixed demand.

Ten’s Hill in Wangsimni New Town District 1, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, will also be released. It consists of a total of 1,702 households with 59 to 148㎡ dedicated to forming a consortium with Daelim Industrial, Samsung C&T, and GS Engineering & Construction. Sangwangsimni Station on Subway Line 2 is located an 8-minute walk away, and Wangsimni Station on the extension line of Bundang Line is also available.

In Gyeonggi-do, the Korea Land Trust will sell the Bukhangang River Koaru in Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun. It consists of 237 households with an exclusive area of 59-84㎡ with 1 basement floor to 18 ground floors. It is adjacent to new golf courses such as Preston Valley and Midas Valley. If you use the Seoul Chuncheon Expressway, you can reach 25 minutes by car from Jamsil, Seoul.

Public rental apartments will be released in Gwanggyo New Town, Suwon. LH Corporation will release a total of 1,548 public rental apartments in A16 Block in Gwanggyo New Town, 74-84㎡ 258 households in A23 Block, 59-84㎡ 394 households in A24 Block, and 74-135㎡ 672 households in A27 Block.

In Incheon, LH will release an apartment called “Guwol Asiad Athletes’ Village” that will be built in the nest in Guwol-dong, Namdong-gu. The Asiad Athletes’ Village apartment in September is a mammoth-class large complex of 6,000 households on a total of 849,907 square meters of land, of which 2,186 will be sold. During the Incheon Asian Games, which will open in September 2014, about 20,000 players, executives, and reporters will temporarily use it and officially move in in the first half of 2015. Incheon Subway Line 1 and Gyeongin Expressway 2 pass, so the transportation network is also good.

In Busan, Sejong City, and Daegu Sinseo Innovation City, supplies are also pouring in. Centum Minrak (tentative name) Regional Housing Association will recruit members of Hyosung Group Centum the Rubens next to Centum City in Busan at the end of May. It consists of a total of 395 households with 85㎡ dedicated to it. It offers a view of Suyeongman Bay to the east of the complex, a view of the sea of Gwangan Bridge to the south, and Baeksan Natural Park is adjacent to it, making it nature-friendly. It is a 1-minute walk from Minrak Station on Busan Subway Line 2 and 5-minute walk from Suyeong Station on Line 2 and 3.

In Daegu City, 350 households of “Humania” are scheduled to be sold in B-4 block of Daegu Newseo Innovation City, and 347 households of “Hoban Verdium,” a postal innovation city in Jung-gu, Ulsan, are scheduled to be sold.

Yang Ji-young, head of Real Today’s team, said, “In May, there will be a lot of supplies that have been delayed due to expectations after the general election. In particular, there are relatively good locations such as reconstruction redevelopment and nesting houses, so prospective subscribers should pay attention.”

Office-tel with low vacancy rate ‘Eyes’

Office-tel with low vacancy rate 'Eyes'

Supply volume is also increasing significantly as consumers’ interest in officetels that can make profits along with housing convenience increases.

The most important thing in studio investment is ‘rental demand’. This is because even if the location is excellent and the price is expensive, low demand increases the vacancy rate and lowers the return, which reduces the value as an officetel.

According to the real estate industry on the 27th, attention is being paid to the surrounding areas where Sangam DMC in 강남안마 추천, Seoul, and large business districts such as Yongsan International Business District and Songdo International Business District.

Dongbu Engineering & Construction is selling an “Asterium Yongsan” officetel in the third district near the International Building in Hangang-ro 2-ga, Seoul. Yongsan International Business District is a complex development project that combines work, commerce, and culture on 566,800㎡ of land, and the officetel consists of two buildings with seven basement floors and 32 floors above ground, and a total of 207 rooms with a dedicated area of 49㎡. Sinyongsan Station on Subway Line 4 is directly connected to the complex, and Yongsan Station on Subway Line 1 and Samgak Station, a transfer station on Line 4 and 6, are nearby.

In addition, the Gyeongui Line double-track subway from Yongsan Station to Sangam DMC Station will open this year, and the Gangnam-Yongsan Shinbundang Line will also open in 2017.

Yojin Construction Industry is selling “Gangdong Y City” in Gil-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, where there is a high demand for rent behind the scenes such as Gangil High-tech Business Complex, Cheonho New Town, and 2nd Lotte World. Samsung Engineering’s new building, which can accommodate 7,600 employees, was recently completed in nearby Sangil-dong. The size of Gangdong Y City is 288 households, including 216 urban living houses and 72 officetels on the second basement floor to 18 floors above ground. The second floor above the ground will be equipped with community facilities for residents, including rest areas and fitness centers, and green areas such as Ssamji Park and rooftop mini gardens in the complex will also be prepared. It is available on foot to Gangdong Station and Gildong Station on Subway Line 5, and offers benefits such as a flat rate system of 10 million won and interest-free intermediate payments.

Officetel supplies are also available in the nesting area in Gangnam, Seoul. Daewoo Engineering & Construction will sell “Gangnam Prugio City” in blocks 7-1 and 7-2 of Gangnam Bogeumjari District in May. This place is convenient to move to Gangnam Teheran-ro as well as rental demand around Suseo Station. The size consists of 401 rooms of 24-44㎡ dedicated to it. It is only 1.3km from Bogeumjari District to Suseo Station of Subway Line 3, so transportation is convenient. In addition, a 380,000㎡ complex transfer center in Suseo Station area, which faces Daemosan Mountain to the north, is expected to be opened in 2014. The sale price per 3.3 square meters is around 10.7 million won.

International Trust is selling “Gongdeok Opista” officetels in Gongdeok-dong, Seoul. It consists of 100 rooms with a dedicated area of 14-24㎡ and has six universities, including Sookmyung Women’s University, Ewha Womans University, and Yonsei University, within a 2km radius, so it is worth expecting fixed demand from students and professors.

In addition, it is located in the downtown area and has abundant demand for office workers, and can be used on foot to Seoul Station on Subway Line 1, Sookdae Station on Line 4, Gongdeok and Aeogae Station on Line 5, and Hyochang Park in front of Line 6. The sale price is around 11 million won per 3.3 square meters.

Daewoo Engineering & Construction is also planning to sell its “Songdo Global Campus Prugio” officetel in Incheon Songdo District’s 5th district Rm 1 block in the first half.

It consists of a total of 606 rooms with a dedicated area of 24 to 84㎡, and is located in the Songdo Global Campus Complex, where 10 foreign universities will be located. It is expected to become a residential facility behind companies and researchers, teachers, administrative personnel, and students who will migrate from around the world in the future.

Yang Ji-young, head of Real Today’s team, said, “In the case of officetels behind business districts, investment is safe because they support fixed demand for business districts,” adding, “Optels in large business districts, which are recently being developed in Seoul and new cities, are worth looking forward to stable rental profits and capital gains.”

newlyweds officetel

Newlyweds' officetel!

Full option + low price… Newlyweds’ officetel!

There are many newlyweds looking for an officetel for newlyweds as their new home. Unlike an apartment, it is an officetel, so the convenience of living is lower, but there is an increasing number of newlyweds who plan to save money little by little by starting at a place where the sale price is low.

Although it is said that the apartment price bubble is disappearing, according to Kookmin Bank market prices, the average price of an apartment in Seoul as of February 15, 2013 was 15.73 million won per 3.3m². Even in a small and medium-sized apartment of 59 m², you need about 280 million to 400 million won to buy a house.

In contrast, the average price of officetels in Seoul is about 10.1 million won per 3.3m², usually in the mid-range of 100 million won. This is lower than the rent for an apartment complex. For young couples who do not have much money, the financial burden is small.

In addition, most officetels are equipped with full options for home appliances and furniture, so the cost of coma is low. In addition, even if you own an officetel, it is not considered a house, so when you want to buy a new, larger apartment in the future, you can maintain your subscription order as a homeless person.

Some of the officetels that newlyweds can afford to take a look at include Daewoo E&C’s Gwanggyo Second Prugio City, KCC E&C’s KCC Sangam Studio 380, and Shinyoung’s “Gangnam Gwell Homes”.

Daewoo E&C Gwanggyo 2nd PRUGIO CITY is an officetel that Daewoo E&C is selling in Gwanggyo New City, Gyeonggi-do. The exclusive area is 21~26m².

The sale price of officetel starts at 120 million won (7.4 million won per 3.3 m²). The advantage is that you can borrow 50% of the interim payment without interest. Gwanggyo Lake Park and Gwanggyo Central Park are nearby, and Gwanggyo Mountain is in the background, so the living environment is comfortable. Gwanggyo Station of the Shinbundang Line extension line (Jeongja-Gwanggyo), which will be completed in 2016, is located 5 meters away from the complex. If the subway is open, you can go to Gangnam in about 20 minutes.

Sangam Studio 380 of KCC E&C is an officetel implemented by Hanto CNC and built by KCC E&C. Sangam DMC (Digital Media City) is within walking distance and you can go to Mapo-gu Office Station on Subway Line 6 within 2 minutes on foot, so transportation is good. It has an exclusive area of ​​20 to 38 m² and consists of 377 rooms. The sale price per 3.3m² is 9 million won, and you can get it for around 100 million won per room.

Daewoo E&C’s Cheonggye Prugio City was built in Dapsimni, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, and is a combination product of an officetel and an urban living house. It consists of a total of 758 rooms with an area of ​​18 to 39 m², with 2 stories below the ground and 21 above. The exclusive area of ​​18 to 23 m², which accounts for 87% of the total, can be sold at a price of 120 million won to 140 million won. There is an interest-free benefit in the mid-payment, 50% interest-free benefits for officetels and 60% for urban living houses.

Shinyoung Co., Ltd. is selling ‘Gangnam Gwell Homes’ in the 7-15 block of Gangnam Bogeumjari District. It consists of 6 floors underground and 10 floors above the ground, with a total of 691 rooms in two buildings and an exclusive area of ​​20 to 48 m². The sale price is between 8.4 million and 11 million won per 3.3 m². The advantage is that there is no significant financial burden until you move in if you pay only 10% of the down payment, as the 10% down payment and 60% down payment are completely interest-free.

The ‘Gongdeok Office Star’ officetel, which Kukje Trust is selling in Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, is also worthy of attention for newlyweds. It consists of 100 rooms with an exclusive area of ​​14 to 24 m², which is in high demand for rental. The sale price is 12 million won per 3.3 m², and it can be purchased for 99 million to 129 million won depending on the area. Subway Line 1 Seoul Station, Line 4 Sookdae Station, Line 5 Gongdeok/Aeogae Station, and Line 6 Hyochang Park Station are close.

Shinsegae E&C sells the ‘강남op‘ officetel in the area around 97 Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul. It consists of 372 small officetels and urban living houses with a scale of 2 basement floors and 20 stories above the ground.

Daelim Station, the transfer station for Lines 2 and 7, is a 5-minute walk away, so it is easy to get to downtown Seoul, Incheon, and Suwon.

Daewoo E&C’s Songdo Central Park Prugio City officetel is scheduled for sale in March. It is an officetel located in the G1-2 block of Songdo International Business Complex (IBD) in Incheon. It overlooks the West Sea and downtown Incheon, including Central Park, and Central Park Station, Incheon Subway Line 1, is a 5-minute walk away.

Seoul small opstar opstar officetel where investment and charter are concentrated

opstar opstar

While apartment transactions have decreased due to loan regulations and price surges, the number of people looking for a jeonse for opstar officetels has increased. In some areas, such as Gongdeok, where demand for office workers and university districts is concentrated, it is not uncommon to see cases where the price of jeonse is higher than the sale price.

From the end of the year to the beginning of the year, when office workers’ personnel transfer season and preparations for the new semester overlap, it is the peak season for opstar officetel rental transactions. In a situation where the price of jeonse has soared due to a shortage of jeonse, there is also growing concern about the ‘tin can opstar officetel’, whose jeonse price is higher than the sale price. If you purchase an opstar officetel through a gap investment with loans and jeonse without your own capital, it is highly likely that you will fall into a ‘can-jeonse’ in which the sum of the loan and deposit becomes higher than the house price when the real estate market declines.

Small opstar officetel, where demand is concentrated, Jeonse price overtakes sales price

At the opstar officetel ‘Co-op Residence Omokgyo’ located in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 10 sales contracts were signed in the past two months from October to November. Most of the properties for sale are small studios with an exclusive area of ​​16.98 square meters, and the sale price ranges from 67 million won to 73 million won. On October 26, the same flat was traded for 80 million won, but the sale price was formed at a price of about 10 million won lower than the Jeonse price.

According to the real transaction price disclosure system of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, ‘Riverview’ opstar officetel in Dangsan-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu sold for 187 million won in October with an exclusive area of ​​20.22㎡. Five days later, an opstar officetel of the same area was signed with a deposit of 200 million won. The Jeonse price is 13 million won higher than the sale price.

In Gongdeok-dong, where the demand for jeonse is concentrated near Gwanghwamun/Seoul Station, Sinchon University District, and Sookmyung Women’s University, a reverse phenomenon is also occurring in which the jeonse price exceeds the sale price. ‘Gongdeok Office Star’, located in an opstar officetel cluster, was sold for 108 million won for a 16.88 m² exclusive area on November 1, while the same flat was signed for 120 million won on the same day. On the 27th and 29th of the same month, a lease contract was signed for 130 million won and 120 million won, respectively.

An official from a nearby real estate agency said, “Gongdeok-dong is a place where there is a lot of demand for charters in their 20s and 30s, including college students and office workers. Jeonse loans are good, and I prefer Jeonse to monthly rent. On the other hand, most of the opstar officetels are small opstar officetels, except for newly built ones, and they are usually purchased for investment purposes. Because the interests of the owner and the tenant are different, the amount of jeonse is insufficient. Jeonse prices inevitably go up, and recently, Jeonse transactions are rare.”

When the amount of Jeonse is insufficient, Jeonse rises and the phenomenon of overtaking the sale price is intensified. According to KB Kookmin Bank’s monthly KB housing market trend on November 23, the Jeonse rate for opstar officetels in Seoul in October was 82.2%. It increased steadily from 61.8% in July 2010, when related statistics began to be compiled, and reached an all-time high.

20s and 30s investment demand and jeonse demand are rushing… Vulnerable when house prices fall

The small opstar officetel has recently been attracting attention as an investment destination for young people. This is because there is an expectation that investment returns can be made with a small amount of capital through gap investment. However, there are concerns that a gap investment in a small opstar officetel may leave a greater aftereffect for investors and tenants. This is because they are more sensitive to market changes.

According to the Korea Real Estate Agency’s 3Q opstar officetel price trend survey, it can be seen that the sales demand patterns are different for small opstar officetels and mid-large-sized opstar officetels. Sales of less than 40 square meters rose 0.29% from the previous quarter, and there was no significant change, but △ 60 square meters or less increased by 1.54% △ 60 square meters or less increased by 2.91% △ 85 square meters or less increased by 4.33%. Unlike mid-to-large opstar officetels, which are located as replacements for residential apartments, small opstar officetels do not fluctuate much in sales prices. ​If the Jeonse price is lowered after signing a contract when the Jeonse price is high, the tenant may not be able to get the deposit back.

In fact, the number of non-refundable Jeonse deposits reported to the Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation (HUG) increased from 33 in 2017 to 2,408 in 2020. In the first half of this year alone, 1290 cases were reported. The Seoul Youth Housing Counseling Center said that the number of inquiries related to kanjeonse deposits more than doubled in the second half of this year compared to the first half of this year.

Experts urge caution when entering the opstar officetel market, where investment demand for opstar officetel and demand for jeonse are entangled. It is difficult to accurately grasp the market price of opstar officetels due to the lack of transaction volume, but it is necessary to be aware of the trick of inflating the current sales price based on the price of neighboring apartments or newly built opstar officetels, thereby raising the pre-set price. During a period of contraction in the real estate market, non-apartment transactions are particularly difficult, which can cause problems in getting the deposit back. When looking for a house, it is necessary to review whether it is possible to purchase Jeonse Guarantee Insurance.

The same is true for investing in small opstar officetels. Kim In-man, director of the Real Estate Economic Research Institute, said, “The background of the opstar officetel becoming a residential real estate was greatly influenced by the real estate market situation and government policies. If the overheating of the opstar officetel becomes more severe, the government will shift its stance to regulation. In the case of end-users who purchase for the purpose of residence, it is necessary to establish a conservative financial plan in consideration of future interest rate hikes.”​